Concussion management

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Concussion Symptoms

Athletes report many different concussion symptoms and sometimes don't experience symptoms for hours or days. Reported symptoms include: confusion, forgetting instructions, complaining that lights or too bright or that they can't concentrate. Visit our Concussion Symptoms page for more information.

More Information

Get the data you need to make the best possible objective decisions. Click here to receive additional information on concussion assessment or to visit with a team member.

Concussion Management Solutions

The health of your athletes is your top priority. The pressure on concussion injured athletes, as well as athlete trainers, coaches, parents and sports medicine professional, can be significant. How can you acquire the solution you need to make the best possible safely return to play decision.

Concussions are not always easy to assess unlike a broken leg or damaged knee. Returning-to-play too soon after a first concussion can have devastating consequences to an athlete’s health.

When it comes to your players’ health, not to mention protecting your organization from liability and loss, why take a risk? Get the data you need to make the best possible objective decisions.

It is not enough to rely on the testimony of athletes or a subjective pen-and-paper balance test when it comes to concussion management. The best way to be sure is objective and accurate balance and neurocognitive assessments.

Advancing medical knowledge has led to consensus guidelines supporting the proper management of sports related concussions. Balanced Athlete is optimized to assist every school and clinical practice in the compliance of sports concussion mandates, policies and plans e.g. flexible and efficient assessment platform that enables a systematic documentation.

Balanced Athlete has a game changing new balance assessment solution designed specifically for the athlete market that offers coaches and trainers precise insight into their athlete’s balance strength and deficits without relying on subjective evaluations.


“Institutions shall have a concussion management plan on file. At minimum, the baseline assessment should consist of use of a symptoms checklist, and standardized cognitive and balance assessments.”
-NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports, April 2010